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Important Product Information

OralMax Oral Rinse:

• Category - GRAS/E OTC/CAM
• Generally Recognized as Safe & Effective
• Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Active Ingredients:

• Quercus Sp-Tannic Acid (Tannins)


• Astringent


• Temporarily Relieves Minor Gum Inflammation
• Helps Heal Minor Wounds
• Helps Shrink or Constrict Gum Tissues to Reduce Dental Mobility Resulting from Denture Irritation, Gingivitis, Cold/Canker Sores, or Accidental Injury

Inactive Ingredients:

• H2O (Purified Water)
• Benzoic Acid & Sodium Benzoate (Preservatives)

Please Note

Recently, the use of herbal 100% natural mouthwashes/oral rinses, such as OralMax, has increased due to the perceived discoloration effects and unpleasant taste of chlorhexidine or other chemical products. Research has also indicated that products containing chlorhexidine in high concentrations must be kept away from the eyes and the ears, due to the risk of damage to those organs.

Patent (pct) Pending #US 61/197,734
Monograph 310.545(a)(18)(ii)

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