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Natural Anti-Inflammatory, Astringent. Helps eliminate gingivitis (bleeding gums, inflammation, red gums) and to constrict gum tissue (collagen fibers) to help reduce deep pockets, dental mobility and help prevent periodontitis.

Gingivitis Chart

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100% Natural Astringent

If a person has bleeding gums, red gums, inflammation and bad breath, is likely that has Gingivitis and is necessary to eliminate the infection and not wait any longer to progress to Periodontitis (bone loss, receding gums, dental mobility, and with time eventually start losing teeth). OralMax Oral Rinse is a 100% Natural Astringent that can help eliminate gingivitis, reduce inflammation, and help reduce dental mobility in diabetic and non-diabetic (from grade 2 to grade 0 under the Miller's Classification of Dental Mobility). Remember, conventional (popular) mouthwashes with alcohol (antiseptics) can only help with bacteria or germs to prevent gingivitis, but if a person already has gingivitis (bleeding gums, inflammation, red gums) it is recommended to use oralmax to help eliminate the infection and reduce inflammation to prevent Periodontitis (dental cleaning is recommended before using for better results).

If Left Untreated, Gingivitis May Progress To Periodontitis
OralMax Can Help Eliminate Gingivitis, Reduce Dental Mobility, and Prevent Periodontitis